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CONTACT  617.947.3326    danielle@sirenettachocolatier.com

          irenetta : Ancient mythology chronicled many temptations of the mermaid or siren. Seduced by the siren’s song,
mediterranean sailors offered up tokens for safe passage, often lemon, spices and rich dark chocolate.  This offering ensured passage through treacherous rocks and beyond the barbarous pyrates.

Sirenetta Seaside Chocolatier strives to embody the seductions of the mediterranean. Our signature limoncello chocolate defines our zest for all that is deeply tempting and satisfying.

Our passion for recapturing small production, sane business practices, and quality of life & product defines us.

You can reach us by calling 617.947.3326 or sign up for our

mailing list.  We promise not to sell your information and we won’t drown your online life with never-ending promotions.

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