long after the myths and legends have passed, modern sirens still love an event. No longer intent on a good shipwreck a siren’s song is often that of seductive, artisanal  chocolate.

Invite some mermaid magic into your plan and bring memorable, visual, and flavorful solutions to your event.

  1. -weddings & Bridal Showers

  2. -corporate gatherings

  3. -promotions

  4. -incentive programs

  5. -anniversaries

  6. -family bashes

  7. -reunions

Creating a signature flavor to coordinate with your event is sure to impress your guests.  Start a buzz with Unique and interesting flavor combinations or chocolate pairings with your favorite beverages.

make a statement with packaging to fit the event from containers to labels and table presentations Sirenetta will help you deliver great success to your host or hostess.

Sirenetta Seaside Chocolatier can be found at

markets across the South Shore.

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Corporate Events