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Zesty Limoncello

limoncello spiked ganache creamed with lemon curd then finished in dark chocolate with lemon zest highlights

B&W Sesame Truffle

silky smooth milk chocolate ganache blended with a touch of sesame oil, dipped in white chocolate and finished with sesame seeds

Basil Infusion

milk chocolate ganache infused with a hint of fresh basil and enrobed in dark chocolate

Fig & Anise

Turkish figs macerated in a port wine with crushed anise then enrobed in a dark chocolate

Hazelnut Rum

rum soaked currants blend with gianduja for a smooth, creamy ganache enrobed in a rich, dark chocolate and finished with crushed hazelnut

Whiskey Tempest

Mischief whiskey floods a milk chocolate ganache. Finished with a rich dark chocolate coating and orange garnish

Rosemary, Olive Oil & Sea Salt

fresh Rabbit Dance farm Rosemary blends with E.V.O.O. and sea salt in a dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in a dark chocolate and touched with sea salt

Espresso Chocolate Truffle

an espresso powder dark chocolate truffle rolled in 64% dark chocolate and smothered in cocoa nibs


Warm Gatherings

Mix Mediterraneo

Seafarer’s Trade

For family, friends and new beginnings

Sirenetta’s seductive mix is inspired by the mediterranean siren’s song.  These flavors satisfy the deepest sinful craving

Mariner’s often sailed with currencies of chocolate, spices, and alcohol. Don’t get caught short, stock up and barter!

$ 9.00

$ 9.00


Mix Mediterraneo

Seafarer’s Trade

Sea Salt Caramel

A mix of creamy caramel blended with sea salt, dipped in 64% dark chocolate. finished with a pinch of locally harvested sea salt

8 piece

assorted mix

Sea Salt Caramel

A mix of creamy caramel blended with sea salt, dipped in 64% dark chocolate. finished with a pinch of locally harvested sea salt

$ 9.00

$ 17.00

$ 17.00

Not quite the full medley of flavors but enough to tease your taste buds into wanting more (you might be sorry you passed on the 12 piece box)

12 piece assorted mix

$ 25.00

A mix of each of the temptingly subdued but distinctly deep flavors
of the season. Rich. Satisfying. Enjoy each and every one in small bites

A 12 piece assorted mix box, 8 piece Sea Salt Caramels and a four piece box of solid dark starfish and shells makes for an elegant and impressive gift

$ 48.00

The Tower

Simplicity. Inspired by the sea for your discriminating taste, a chocolatier’s choice mix of white, milk or dark imported, rich French solid chocolate starfish and seashells. These simple pleasures are packaged in bags of three chocolates per set in a raw turbinado sugar sand and wrapped with Sirenetta’s satin bow

Starfish & Shells

$ 3.00

2 serving Velvet

This is grown-up stuff meant to bring a big smile and leave you wanting more. Ground dark chocolate and sweet ground chocolate powder are packaged in a slim aluminum canister. Just stir into warm milk, sip and sit back. 3 ounces makes two outrageous servings

$ 7.00

2 serving Mayan

Take the grown up velvet drinking chocolate and throw in some chili spices and see how fast you heat up. Ground dark chocolate and sweet ground chocolate powder with a kick of chilis. Packaged in a slim aluminum canister. Just stir into warm milk, sip and sit back. 3 ounces steams up two servings

$ 8.00


party like a mermaid

$ 38.00

Each of the twelve seductive seasonal flavorings plus six silky rich and creamy sea salt caramels.  A true treasure chest of Mermaidian proportions

Two solid 64% dark chocolate molded fish with a shimmering finish packed snugly together in their own sweet little snack tin

$ 5.00

Warm Gatherings.   For family, friends, and new beginnings.

Pumpkin Rum Truffle

organic pumpkin with spiced rum form a dark truffle, dipped in robust dark chocolate then rolled in toasted pumpkin seed

Yerba Maté

Yerba Mate steeped tea introduced into a sweet milk chocolate and draped in an  intense dark chocolate finish

Cranberry Splash

a ganache of dried cranberries steeped in local cranberry liqueur with orange zest and enrobed in dark chocolate

Smokey Maple Pecan

maple glazed pecans sprinkled with smoked sea salt, cardamon, and Saigon cinnamon blanketed in a milk and dark chocolate ganache with dark cover

Warm Gatherings

Local south shore customers can request cooler curbside pickup. Call or text 617-947-3326 for details