Sirenetta will supply you with  chocolates of your choice as well as pairing suggestions with your favorite wines or liqueurs.  Have Danielle help you host the party or simply supply you with the chocolate and pairing info. 

Call (617-947-3326) or email Danielle for more details.

Highlight your style with packaging to complement your wedding.  From boxes to bags, tags to labels and table presentation, we will help make your event special.

Make your shower, bachelorette party, or wedding more flavorful with handcrafted bonbons. 

Meet with Sirenetta and develop your own unique flavor or choose from our extensive collection.

Sea Salt Caramel

Basil Infusion

Fig & Anise

Rosemary Olive Oil + Sea Salt

Zesty Limoncello

Chili Passion

Hazelnut Rum

Coffee Almond

B&W Sesame Truffle

Blueberry Hyssop


Ginger (not Mary Ann)

Wild Minty Fresh

Lavender Silk

Berry Smitten

Vanilla Tryst

Key Lime


Triple3x Chocolate Truffle Pumpkin Rum Truffle

Tipsy Apple

Pineapple Crush

Organic Yerba Mate BonBon

Rhubarb Ginger

Summer's/Winter’s Grace

OMG! Tomato?

Voodoo Noir

Vanilla Balsamic Truffle

Midnight Pomegranate

Cranberry Splash

Snap! Ginger Truffle

Holiday Spice

Bourbon Squall

Wicked Whiskey

Best Date EVER !

Smoked Scotch Caramel

Cool Minty Mojito

Sassy St. Germaine

Sweet & Salty Margarita Tequila Sunrise

Monkey’s Love Truffle

Torrid Fusion

Cardamom Pear

Green Tea truffle

Champagne Bubbly BonBon

Fig Balsamic

Peppermint Chill

Dark Eire Stout

Mellow Eire Stout

Stormy Port

Whiskey Tempest

Passion Fruit

Exotic Lime-Basil

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